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Laying there, quietly, alone
The feeling of something is there, unseen, but there
            I sit up, but my body remains laying down
       As I shout "show yourself" the figure becomes more visible
I lay back down and see the creature standing there
    Glowing eyes piercing through me, Head of a wolf, tall, very tall
  Draped in a long black hooded cloak or robe
     Its hands, I can never get those things out of my head as it reached for me
    Long fingers, almost like claws that are twice as long as the finger as a man
This is what haunts me, this is what hunts me

It grows closer

Help me before it hurts me more
I woke up to this today
Not exactly what I wanted to deal with

I always knew that I have a poltergeist in my closet but this is just the icing on my cake
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December 21, 2012
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